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very personal stuff…And no, you don’t have permission to use any of my poems.

Love quote.

Love is the triumph of imagination over intelligence. -Henry Louis Mencken  

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Sandcastle and Dreams

Sandcastle Dreams, Daydreams. ‘What if ‘ Sandcastle. Take a while to be built Ruined with one wave Sandcastle and dreams here today, gone tomorrow.

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I watched a couple…

They sat close knees barely touching first date? just friends? lovers? He talked alot and she listened intently to everything he said. when she said something, his eyes never left her face. Once in a while they laughed, touched the … Continue reading

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Poem about a lover

Do you whisper sweet words into his ear do you hug and caress him and do your fingers trace his beautiful body do you lie together at lunch time and exchange words only lovers use do you share dreams and … Continue reading

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A Poem ''with no''

a cook with no food a singer with no voice a poet with no words a painter with no paints a mother with no children a musician with no instrument a lover with no sex a life with no passion. … Continue reading

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