Don Muang closed

Unbelievable. I don’t think my hubby will be able to fly to Bangkok and then further south this weekend… Seems really hard to take a bus or the train as well ! This is just stupid.

Am I worried for my safety? No. But then I’m not travelling anywhere, I know which road to avoid in town as well.  But I do feel worried/ sorry for all those people who depend on tourism and now that high season is starting its just a big blow to their buisness. What a horrible way to start high season

 17.00 The airport in Chiang Mai has been closed all afternoon….

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3 Responses to Don Muang closed

  1. christina says:

    I was watching this on TV yesterday and wondering about you guys. Glad you are safe and I hope it’s all over SOON!

  2. monica says:

    we have friends who have to get to bangkok sat. they managed to get train tickets….

  3. Debby says:

    I’m so sorry with what is happening in Bangkok but I am more sorry because this is also what is happening here in the PHILIPPINES. =(

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