My Orchids…

In-spite of all the craziness in the world, the blood shed and terror in Mumbai, the war in Kenia, the hunger in North Korea,  the political situation in Thailand , Bangkok Airport closed and the thousands of people who have to change travel plans, who are waiting to get back to work, to get on holiday, to finally reach their destination etc etc etc.  In-spite of all this, my orchids are blooming ! Aren’t they BEAUTIFUL?!!



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7 Responses to My Orchids…

  1. petal says:

    you have no idea how long i searched in google to get to yr blog! yr friend’s rach (german rach, not english rach) blog and from there got to yr blog. anyway, i’ve finally got to read yr october blog to me, yeah, i know it has taken me this looooooooooooong! thanks!

    siew p.s yr orchids are amaaaaaaaaaaazing! who has been peeing on it? pee is organic fertilizer.

  2. Lillian says:

    Oh Petal.. I really am lily thai- pxxn star hahaha shhhh don’t tell anyone LOL . MISS YOU!
    Christina Thanx for thinking of us 🙂 we are fine.. besides the flu I have…

  3. mum says:

    Beautiful! How good of you to remind us in this post of the beauty of nature, because we’re thinking so much of the meanness and cruelty of men.

  4. PlantBuddy says:

    Hello there!
    I am so interested that you’re living there with all that going on around you. How calming it must be to have your orchids around you at this time. I have posted about orchids on my blog and would just love if you would visit soon to comment and tell us how things are over there. Thanks so much.

  5. chroettli says:

    oh! what a wonderfull flower!
    henne gross! hesch die au ufem baum?

  6. Lillian says:

    Thanx Plantbuddy and Chroetil… nein sie hängt an einer bambus leiter…

  7. FabianFred says:

    Nature is simple and beautiful …. and takes all the silly things we do, and ways we destroy it….shrugs and come back for more…
    The only sanity in an insane world…..

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