The kids are on a school break. 4 weeks ! Yippee, I never have to get up before 8 am now 🙂 No more teachers, no more homework, no more driving to school. Nice nice nice !! Sun, fun and nothing to do. Well, thats the idea.. why is it there is still so much for me to do? They still need to eat, the house still needs to be cleaned, laundry done,  not to mention outings being  entertained . So who’s really on a school break?  🙂

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4 Responses to Weekend

  1. Anne says:

    i wünsche öich vo Härze schöni Ferie! Gniesset die Zit, ohni di feschte Zite. Schön gäu däm Druck chönne ds wiche. I sehne mi o dernah. S isch asträngend immer präsent ds si. Lueg zue dr und häb dr Sorg! Du heit dir eigentlech öii Shila no?

  2. loecherkaese says:

    hey, time to have fun! am beschte mitenang!

    greetz from switzerland!

  3. FabianFred says:

    …but aren’t your kids old enough to help with the chores??

  4. Lillian says:

    lol I was waiting for someone to write that Fred! Absolutely 🙂 Everyone has to help… Too bad their mum doesn’t get a maid lol

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