Burning the fields in our mubaan

This afternoon I heard a sound of rain. I went out to look and no, it wasn’t rain. It was a field on fire. I grabbed my camera went and watched abit. The wind was increasing so I called the kids to come and watch. Apparently it took the fire engine 30 min to come .The fire came with in 2 meters of someones house. Crazy. All because someone wanted to burn the field with all the dry trees, leaves etc




putting out the fire

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2 Responses to Burning the fields in our mubaan

  1. It happens here in France too. People have no idea how fast dry scrub and grass burns. Anyway I hope that the smog ends for you soon. BTW we are moving to Bangkok in august for a year and I would love to meet you if/when we head north – which I am sure we will. Also do you twitter?


    Fires burning on the Thai side of the Mekong at Vientiane – looks beautiful – at least at night it does 😉

  2. Lillian says:

    Bangkok?? haha not a nice place right now ! hope things get better before you move ! I don’t twitter but have FB… I’ll probably be in BKK in Sept so we could meet up for a meal ! 🙂 btw.. the smog is better, at least in CM, no burning tires yet…

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