Hot hotter and hottest May

”A continual rise in temperatures for three consecutive days would cause a deadly heat wave, affecting mainly children and the elderly, the former Meteorological Department chief said.

Speaking at a seminar on the drought in this northeastern province, Mr Smith said temperatures in the hot season next year would be much higher.

“Thailand has to be prepared for a possible heat wave that will cause deaths,” he said.

Bangkok Post today.

Seems strange to just accept that fact that there will be deaths due to the temperature and not have an action plan.

Stay cool even if the hot weather and the hot politics is effecting you !

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2 Responses to Hot hotter and hottest May

  1. Jackie says:

    For one thing, architects could design houses with more “flow” allowing maximum ventilation. I see too many modern Asian homes with blocked corridors + areas. Then aircons are needed which is a further drain on the environment. Time to also plant more trees and look after them so they grow big + shady — a natural and effective way of keeping living areas cool.

  2. Peter says:

    Darwin housing is also suffering the same issues. We are 13S, Bangkok about the same north of the equator.

    Recently Troppo Housing from Darwin won an international award for architecture with their tropical housing designs.

    I have not looked seriously, as I see their work almost every day, but a google search of Troppo Housing should find some images and more details.

    They aim for light materials that can quickly lose heat, lots of cross flow and upwards ventilation, plus the usual range of vegetation to cool incoming air.

    BUT………it is hard to beat an A/C when it is 35C and 105% humidity, or nights around 28C. Overhead fans just do not reduce the air temperature. BTW – have lived in monsoonal tropics for over 40 years,including stints in Thailand rural areas as an agronomist. It is not easy in the pre wet period……….anywhere. We have a saying here – month of the falling mango is when people go troppo [madness month]!

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