A Poem and rant

R      a      i      n
R  a  i  n
laundry doesn’t dry
everything smells moldy
the wind
blows in the smell of mud.
whispers in my ear
reminds me of the sea
of freedom

hours later… coming back to my blog…upps that makes no sense haha i will try and re write.

later. its still raining btw…

I can’t do 4th grade math. I learnt it differently and it makes no sense to me how the Germans do it. AND I pay a hell of of a lot of money for my children to be taught by PROFESSIONALS. SO WHY DO I HAVE TO EXPLAIN IT TO my 4th grader?? WHAT THE Fxxx. And while I’m at it, who the hell needs school maths. Seriously ,when was the last time you did a sum like 536:8 in your HEAD. Change the school system. If not for the kids sake do it for the mums.

yes, i’m angry. can you tell?? I hate maths. Always have always will. I believe that calculators should be used from Kindergarten up!!!! THAT’S WHY THEY EVEN PUT THEM ON MOB PHONES!!


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3 Responses to A Poem and rant

  1. M says:

    If you think the Germans are doing it differently…, well, have a look at this:


  2. Lynda says:


    My Miss Eight is doing the 4th grade in Germany (she shifted from the English school system to German in year 3 when we moved here) and I have had to ‘re-educate’ myself. Of course, unless you know your times tables inside out – this doesn’t work:

    First, look at the ‘hundreds’ column. How many times does 8 go into 5? None.. so look then at the hundreds and the tens column. How many times does 8 go into 53
    8 goes into 53 – evenly – 6 times. 6×8=48 So then the sum looks like this:
    480:8 = 60 (we put the zero back on because we are working in the hundreds + tens)
    Left over…56
    56:8 = 7
    So you end up with this:
    536:8 =67
    ( 56:8= 7)
    Add the 60 and the 7 together and the answer is 67!

    Does that help? it took me a while to get it too – but now I see why they teach it this way.

  3. Lillian says:

    Thanx Lynda.. I know how to do it.. my 14 year old is a genius and explained.. again…. its just I hate math……haha

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