last day at school

Today was another goodbye.At school. After so many years of being the one ‘left behing’ it is nice to be the one leaving. Sad though. Very sad. I would like to see my childrens friends  graduate, go to their wedding and see them as parents. Call me sentimental… it makes me so sad. Also seeing how hard it is for my children. The distance is huge.

BUT i must say, we have loved many and have experianced alot if love in return, Like tonight some new friends invited us to their home for bengali food. Thankyou!!

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  1. lidia says:

    Among so many things you like to take with you as a continuation of your life in Chiang Mai and Thailand make sure, Lilian, you will keep this blog which you wrote with such sincerity and delicacy. I want to tell you that I searched it many times to dress my Thailand sickness, when there was no one to ask for news. Thank you for your effort in writing it.

    You and your family are a special spot in my emotional memory. God used you, Lilian to lift me up in my hardest day I had there. And some of the nicest moments I had in Thailand came also through you. And you may not know it. We met only a few times and it was meaningful to me. When in my fantasy I return to Thailand I find it regrettable that you will not be there.

    Lilian, from God’s Book we learn that it is His plan to unite all things. Separations are painful, but, if I got a right understanding of Ephesians 1:10 it seems to me that in the end all things will be (re)united in Christ. But for the time being we need to accept his healing when separation pains our souls. May God heal you, your family and your friends who will miss you; I am sure they are many. Have a blessed trip.

  2. lielie says:

    Thanx alot lidia!! Yes, leaving is hard.

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