At the gym….

… I talked to a really cute, handsome, gay guy. He works out alot and his body is fat free and unlike other bodybuilders he’s lean all over ( sorry Ph.  lol but he did look good :-)   ANYWAY…
I told him I feel fat and patted my tummy.  He said, yea, you have a very special friend there. He’s always with you, and will only leave if you totally overwork or starve him, he’s faithful, totally committed and attached to you.
We had such a laugh… never thought of my love handles as faithful friends lol

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5 Responses to At the gym….

  1. Sandra says:

    Ha! And I would never think of a woman’s love handles as “he.” They are definitely “she”!

  2. Elemmaciltur says:

    I want a pic of that guy!!!!! *grrrrrrrr*

  3. Ben Harris says:

    I personally find guys with big muscles to be repulsive. They all look like the incredible hulk or perhaps He-Man to me 🙂

    If what you said about your love handles is true, I’m giving mine a name 🙂

  4. indcoup says:


    Gyms are strange places in Asia. Well at least they are for guys; I’m not sure what it’s like for girls:

  5. christina says:

    Oh boy, that means I have *several* special friends lurking around MY waistline. Sometimes I wish they would just go on holiday or something and leave me alone. 🙂

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