MAF crash in PNG

I got a very sad email from my parents yesterday late afternoon. A Missionary Aviation Fellowship plane crashed over Tari airstrip in Papua New Guinea killing the pilot instantly, and the three passengers were badly injured. The cause of the accident is unclear. The pilot leaves behind a wife and four children under the age 11. Its meaningless and my prayers are with the family. How can you cope with something like loosing a husband, moving back to your home country with 4 kids ??!! My poor Dad has to fly to PNG and conduct the funeral of his friend who was that pilot. I’ll be thinking of you Mum and Dad!! Oh God its terrible, meaningless and tragic.

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  1. Franzie says:

    That is incredibly sad!!
    Story’s like that always remind me of Keith Green, though.
    Have you read his life story “No Compromise” written by his wife Melody. He died in a plane crash taking two of their children with him. It’s such a great read, though you can’t help asking “why??”

  2. cecile says:

    hello am sorry to have chanced upon your blog but I just had to say you have a fascinating account of your stay here in Thailand. My family also moved here to Bangkok last November 2004 and so far I have enjoyed every minute here… I just want to commend your wonderful blog and it has helped one way or the other in adjusting my life here….

  3. Yes, it is sad news. And sori to hear your father has to come back for such a sad occasion.

  4. Mum says:

    We are all very sad and our hearts go out to the wife and children and the whole family. You’ll find more info on

  5. christina says:

    That’s awful. I’m so sorry!

  6. Mike says:

    I came across your site today while searching for information about the MAF aircraft crash in PNG.

    Pierre, the pilot was a good friend and workmate of mine for the past 8 years. He lead a life holy, pleasing and acceptable unto God. He witnessed to his Saviour, Jesus Christ in his work for Mission Aviation Fellowship in Papua New Guinea. He will be missed by all who knew and loved him.

  7. Tim Spencer says:

    Pierre’s death is truly tragic, but the inverse of meaningless; it was what gives life meaning.
    Now, last week a man died after rescuing his six year old son from the ice on the Bow River near Banff in Alberta ( Of course his family wishes Dad hadn’t died – but it wasn’t a meaningless death. He gave his life so his son could live.
    Abandoning your life for others is the only thing with true meaning in this old world.; it sure beats sitting around pleasing yourself like most of us do.
    Sometimes it means a quiet life of service; sometimes it means giving up life itself. In signing up for MAF Pierre knew the risks of flying ridiculously small airplanes in ridiculously dangerous terrain; he was willing to make the ultimate sacrifice. In every sense, in every nuance, he gave his life for others.
    But it will sure be hard on his family. They need our support.

    At last, to be identified!
    At last, the lamps upon Thy side,
    The rest of life to see!
    Past midnight, past the Morning Star!
    Past sunrise! Ah! what leagues there are
    Between our feet and day!
    Emily Dickinson – Resurgam

  8. Christina Merry says:

    I am looking for information on a friend of mine who flew in PNG around 1978 for MAF. He had been in the army band playing the clarinet and then moved to the MAF in Ballarat, before flying for MAF in PNG. His name is Cris Jones and I would very much like to make contact with him again. If you have any information about Cris, I would appreciate your help. I thought that he may have been involved in a plane crash in the late 1970’s, although I pray this is not true.
    I am hoping that someone out there knows where my friend is….

  9. Mum says:

    Christina, have you contacted MAF in Australia? They might be able to help you.

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