A little rain…

In the distance we’ve been watching the storm clouds gathering. The temperatures dropped. And now, 17.53 its raining a little ! YIPPEE.  From the balcony we can see the lightening and hear the thunder. I’m so excited and already feel refreshed. I wish it would pour and rain all night ! We need clean air !!

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3 Responses to A little rain…

  1. warapunga says:

    … and we wish it would stop raining so we could see the eclipse today!
    have a cool night!

  2. kristian says:

    Hi Lilian,
    Im so happy to hear the rainidays have started and the streets will finally be cleansed from all the dust… we are save back in hamburg – I have no Blog yet but Im working on the Idea;)

    be awesome blesseb by the father of all

  3. Franzie says:

    Hope you get lots of it!!!
    There is nothing better after a hot and dusty day than to have a real down-pour.

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