Renewing my drivers licence…

Thats on my top priority list this morning. I’ve already driven around for the right papers and still don’t have them all. Going to the office where you get a drivers licence is quite intimidating. Unfortunately I had to go alone.. and all the signs are in Thai. I can read but like a Kindergarten kid so I get as far as the welcome sign and then I’m too lazy to read more.Anyway, I’m a big girl so I figured it out. Here’s what I found out….

Here a exact copy of what I need to get to renew my Thai drivers licence for 5 years.

1. Non-Immigrant visa extensions and Passport and last entry (copy and original)
2.Residence certificate from Embassy, Consulate, Immigration office. Work Permit or Residence Book (yellow-book) (copy and original)
3. Two photos (size 1 inch x1 inch)not glossy (taken within 6 months)
4. Thai driver’s license
5. Fee (car) 505Baht (motorcycle)255Baht for 5 years
*change address 50 Baht

Ok, so I then went to immigration to get my residence certificate and got this paper…

Guarantee of Residence
Required documents

1.1.5”x2” colour photos, 2 per letter of guarantee
2.Passport with copies of picture page, most recent entry stamp, visa, extension limit and arrival/departure card (TM card) All copies must have the signature of the alien.
3…. crossed out
4.Evidence of notification of place of residence to the Chiang Mai Immigration Office. (TM.28)
5.A copy of the house registration of the house the alien rents, signed by the owner of the house, or the rental contract for the house the alien rents with a copy signed by the alien

(not on note.. I need a photo copy of the owners ID card, signed.)
please note: the alien must sign the letter of guarantee in the presence of the immigration officer)

There is no charge of issuing a letter of guarantee of residence.

Oh help!!!!Can’t I just drive without a licence and bribe the police when I get caught? NO I’m a law abiding person… so I’ll just have to get those papers in order. Can’t be that hard, surely. Oh I wish I were still at the beach…..

My mood.

I’m an alien
I’m an alien
I’m a A L I E N
btw…Alien in german is Fremder, Fremdling , Ausserirdischer.

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5 Responses to Renewing my drivers licence…

  1. Myra says:

    Dear Alien/Farang/Comrade,
    about six months back i went to CM Immigration to extend my 1 month transit visa. i overstayed one day – a perfectly legal and allowed situation that requires a few bahts penalty on top of the extension fee. it took me about one hour, filling out a few documents and paying (of courssssse). everything was simple and settled with smiles.
    two hours later my daughter came to the immigration for the same procedure. she had the same one day overstay, but to her enormous amazement she was taken to a side room where she was questioned and warned not to ever perform this “felony” again. in addition she was charged extra 200 b. because of the “felony”……
    so talking about “law”… and law abiding personality…. bred in western culture…
    we try to maintain OUR values intact wherever we are, but many times in Asia it looks like keeping ourselves in an artificial bubble that isn’t moving and breathing with the outside world…. don’t you think?
    when moving back and forth from one culture to another, more than once it looks to me that we are victims of one set of values…. stiffened by inner moral commands which restrict our behaviour and prevent us from mingling and diving into another culture…

  2. Mänu says:

    Alien; ich habs gewusst! schon das erste mal als ich dich getroffen habe, hatte ich das Gefühl da stimmt was nicht, endlich kann ich es einordnen ;-).
    Jetzt weiss ich auch wieso P. so gerne Science Fiction Movies schaut…

    Hei, wie siehts bei euch eigentlich aus mit Steuererklärung ausfüllen? Steht bei mir grad an und ist definitiv nicht meine lieblings Beschäftigung!

  3. Lillian says:

    Mänu.. bin immer froh wenn ich unklarheiten klären kann lol
    Steuererklärung müssen diese art von Aliens nicht bezahlen lol

    Myra…Does giving up your own set of values make you more able to dive in to a culture? to an extent maybe… But no matter how thai I would try to be.. I still have white skin and blond hair and will always, always be the farang. So I hold on to some of my values even if it would be easier to throw them overboard.

  4. christina says:

    Ausserirdischer – yeah, I feel like that sometimes too! 🙂 Wow, that’s an awful lot of bureaucracy just to get your license renewed. And I thought Germany was complicated.

  5. NiHao says:

    My goodness that seems like a lot of paperwork! Though I’m glad you didn’t go with the bribing the police option… not sure how often you’d get to update your blog from a Thai prison! (Although Bridget Jones seems to have had an alright time of it)

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