Thai Day at CDSC

Yesterday was Thai Day at the Christian German School. The kids performed traditional Thai dances. Students and staff  got dressed up in traditional thai clothes. All very proper. After the program was over, some couldn’t resist playing rugby in the mud. I never actually saw the ball lol…had to take alot of pictures and avoid getting mud thrown at me !! No, I didn’t join in.. I should have they had great fun. Mud mud glorious mud.

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3 Responses to Thai Day at CDSC

  1. Franzie says:

    don’t know about fun, looks awfully messy to me 😉
    the dances must have been interesting and makes me remember the “Welcome Show” that was put on for us when we went to Mongolia. The traditional dancing and singing was sooooo interesting and beautiful.

  2. Cavmi says:

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  3. Adam says:

    I am sure the players would have had a hard time getting the mud off later.

    BTW, I have 2 feeds: and

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