A moment of my day

Today I’m exhausted.
I miss my own bed
I miss knowing where everything is
I miss my friends who know what my daily life in Chiang Mai looks like, my friends who are there for me when the going gets rough
I really really miss making music
I miss Thai food
I miss having some time for myself while the kids are at school
I miss having some routine
I miss going out
I’m exhausted
Right now, tonight I want to go home.

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4 Responses to A moment of my day

  1. swissmiss says:

    Oh Lilian, I know what it feels like to hit that point on a trip – sick of the clothes in my suitcase, longing for my own apartment and my own routine. I hope you can catch a few hours of solitude and recharge so that you can enjoy the rest of your trip and not go back home thinking you missed something while in Switzerland.

  2. Sarah says:

    Yes. It’s great to be away but then it’s great to be at home again. And it’s even better when being away makes you realise that you LOVE your normal life.

  3. Mirjam says:

    and I miss u,….was so nice to meet u in chinag mai,….

  4. In a way, it is lovely to hear that you enjoy Thailand so much that you miss it while you are away. And it is even more lovely to hear you call it “home”! I’m sure if you get a little rest and savor some Swiss chocolate you will be ready to make it through the rest of your trip!

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