Packages change…

Its amazing how the packaging of groceries has changed. I guess its part of a marketing plan to make people buy more or at least keep buying. I have a hard time shopping. It doesn’t go fast because I actually have to read the labeling. This isn’t a bad thing ( I CAN read) lol but it takes more time. Is that glass bottle vinegar or oil? Only one package hasn’t changed. Swiss chocolate hahaha.

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  1. halb ein uhr morgens – ich habs geschafft. war wohl gerade der 9’979 neue bloger auf dieser kleinen welt.
    nun muss ich für lea noch den delphinkuchen “basteln”.

    thanks for all the fish.


  2. I ran into Marks and Spencer this week looking for the blue teabags. To my horror, the labeling has changed! There is now dark blue, baby blue and aqua, and I didn’t even realize what type of strength of tea I liked, I just knew I liked blue! After a taste test, I now know I like the dark blue, extra strong, one cup tea. Lets hope they don’t decide to change the labels again any time soon!

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