Things I am thankful for…

Numenna made a list things what he is greatful for. Here is mine..

I’m thankful for…

1. My husband who loves and puts up with me after all these years
2. My children who are more work then I ever imagined
but who also bring me more joy than I ever imagine
3. Friends… Friends who love me, for who I am, If you are reading this, and you are one of them… THANK YOU for all the sms, emails, gifts, hugs, kisses, prayers, phone-calls,music, jam sessions, coffees, nights out, and love.
4. Freedom. Freedom to live the life I want. Freedom to live whereever I want, to travel, to meet whoever I want, Freedom to be me. Freedom to believe what I want to believe, to worship where I want to worship.
5. Money that miraculously keeps coming in.

Why don’t you make a list and share it?

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3 Responses to Things I am thankful for…

  1. dil says:

    1. my parents despite been separted have nutured their children to be a well rounded bunch.
    2. oppotunity that has been given. be it the oppotunity to study, play and experience various things in life.
    3. god’s plan for my life.

  2. Madeline Willow Harland says:

    1. I am thankful for Christmas because that is the time when I get to see all of my family having fun together, and I enjoy spending a lot of that time with my cousins,aunts and uncles and my grandparents that I don’t get to see everyday, or during the busy year.
    2.I am thankful that I live in a warm cozy home with my family.
    3.I am thankful for dinner every night.
    4.I am thankful for my friends and family that provide me with constant support and love.
    5.Last but not least I am thankful for the freedom that I have living in Red Lake. (Canada)

  3. jessica says:

    1 mom and dad
    2 brother david
    3 grandma and grandpa
    4 education
    5 sight
    6 food
    7 friends
    8 health
    9 life
    these are not in any order

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