Petrol Station and orbs in Chiang Mai

You don’t think it looks like a petrol station? Well it is .. they sell petrol.. I know you can’t see it very well… but hey tell me something. Can you see those ‘bubbles’ on the photo? I get them on tonnes of pictures. My brother calles them ‘orbs’ . I think is has something to do with the flash and dust BUT hey.. it might be something ‘paranormal’. Please tell me what YOU think they are … For more about orbs check out wikipedia-orbs

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3 Responses to Petrol Station and orbs in Chiang Mai

  1. Ingrid says:

    Well, on my computer I dont see any orbs over that petrol station. But doesn’t matter. I know those things. Everybody tries to explain this phenomena. Some Christians dare to say that they might be heavenly lights. Others try very hard to find some logic in it, just to explain any supernatural happening away. Even though, photo experts do experiments and get water, mist or dust particals on pictures – but cannot prove their theories, because on some pictures they show up and on others not, even thought it is not less humid, misty or dusty just a few seconds later. Like in many spiritual matters, you have to decide yourself, what road you want to take. I myself decided to take up that spiritual road, which means I looked up what the bible says about light and lights. God is light, that is written in the bible. Scientifically, smaller parts than atoms are called quarks and they are made of colors. Certain colors mixed together result in light, while other colors mixed turn into a very dark color. So, where God is, there is light. Could it be possible that God wants to give us visual hints, that there is more than things we see, more than logic? In 1. Genesis 1.14-18 God says: let there be light. In James 1.17 God is called the ‘Father of lights’. In Acts 20.8 in the upper room while Paul was speaking until midnight, it is written: ‘and there were many lights in the upper chamber, where they were gathered together’. Why would they have to mention lights, since most probably they had a fire going and torches up? I have a lot of those orbs on my camera, while others take pictures at the same event and have none. I take it as visual hint, a little detail telling me ‘God is here – and there is lots more to find out about Him who is the Creator of everything’. Why on such un ‘unspiritual thing like a petrol station? Why in a night club? Why around kids trying to feed some camels? In church, yes, we can accept that easily. But isn’t God everywhere? A petrol station is not the safest place on earth, wouldn’t you feel comfortable to know that God is there?

  2. Sidney says:

    I fear this is dust. I have this too when I took pictures of something very even like the sky or a wall. Maybe you need to clean your camera.

  3. Ingrid says:

    Sidney, maby you are right. But what if not? Maby everytime you clean your camera, you either feel like getting a new one or start wondering…….what if there is more behind that stuff?

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