Christmas and homesick

Yes, today I really miss my family. I hate that I feel like this, but I do. I want to go to my brothers place this afternoon and celebrate with the rest of the family. Who is going to pick a fight if I’m not there?sniff,  sniff, sniff.. will be glad when christmas is over…..

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5 Responses to Christmas and homesick

  1. Mark says:

    we also missed a blond troublemaker who makes stupid and inappropriate jokes at a christmas dinner. but then we also missed a wonderful and loveable sister who spreads a great atmosphere… mark

  2. hong says:

    Happy (belated) christmas! So sorry you miss your family but I hope that you are having a good time in Thailand.

  3. Preya says:

    I’m sorry you had to miss Christmas with the rest of your family…hope you still had a wonderful day with your husband/kids:)

  4. max says:

    I’m en-route to see my family, though there are other reasons other than family taking me back to the UK. Always good to be near family at this time of year I guess. Hope you don’t miss them too much.

  5. stefan says:

    I still miss you sister, like at Xmas. I wish you and the family a really happy new year.

    –> i still think it sounds better in swiss-german: “es guets Nöis!” 😉

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