Rich and poor

Life for  a lot of people in this world really isn’t easy. I had a long discussion with someone last night. He’s from a developing country and I could sense the unfairness of him being born into a poor country and me into a rich country. Yes. I’m very lucky. What is rich? Its easy for me to say when you have friends.. but it does mainly have something to do with money. How much money makes you rich?Ofcourse, compared to most people in this country I’m rich. Our kids go to a private school.. that puts me in a ‘rich’ category. But I don’t have a private jet, I don’t own a house and I can’t just go to Europe if I feel like…. Most of us can’t.  But I have money to  have a health insurance, I  can go on vacations and I even to Switzerland every 2 years. Surely thats rich 🙂 I could move back to Switzerland, and even if I didn’t get a job, social welfare would take care of me. I would not have to starve. Yes, I am blessed and I hope that the little work my husband and I do here, is not in vain and changes some peoples lives. I actually wanted to tell a story about a Lahu couple.. I’ll write it tomorrow…

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  1. Valerie says:

    I am a European working in Southern Sudan, a country completly devasteted by 20 years of war. Even though I normally live in a my small tent in a compound in the middle of nowhere with no running water (needs to be fetched by the river) or very little electricity (solar panels) and eat tinned food I still consider myself rich as it is my choice to live like that. I had a good education, traveled a lot, and if I get sick I will be flown to Nairobi or even back home. How differnt is it for the Sudanese people! Most of them don’t have access to schools or a health facility, and 1 in 5 children die before the age of 5 years. Do we actually realise how blessed we are?

  2. moesu says:

    Gute Frage wer reich ist und wer nicht. Grundsätzlich ist es aber eine Frage der Betrachtungsweise und bevor man zu jammern beginnt sollte man die Situation immer von verschiedenen Seiten her betrachten und wer in der Schweiz verdienen und leben darf kann sich meist als “reich” bezeichnen. Trotzdem erstaunt mich immer wieder wie auch in unserer reichen Schweiz viele Familien mit nur einer Einkommensquelle sehr streng kalkulieren müssen um alle Versicherungs- und Steuerkosten rechtzeitig bezahlen zu können.

  3. Lillian says:

    FabianFred I can’t believe you are ready my whole diary! Isn’t it terribly boring?? lol

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