More about me…

I love getting to know new people,
I love living cross culturally
I am a Global Nomad.
born and grew up in Papua New Guinea
returned to Switzerland when I was 16
Lived in Thailand since 1999
I am married to a swiss guy
I have 3 three wonderful childrenI love, love LOVE music, 
I love singing in a choir,
in a band or home alonewith my epiano or guitar.  
Our time in Chiang Mai is coming to an end. 
End of June 2012 we will be leaving. 


I hope you enjoy my blog. 
Please leave a message !!

here some pics of me as a child…


49 Responses to More about me…

  1. Sandra says:

    ich habe Dein Weblog über globeofblogs gefunden. Ich schreibe jetzt einfach auf Deutsch, auch wenn ich zur Zeit in London lebe (übrigens nach drei Jahren Aufenthalt in dem schönen Davos).

    Der Grund warum ich Dir schreibe ist folgender: ich arbeite derzeit bei einer Internet-Firma, die sich auf Weblogs spezialisiert hat. Wir suchen jemanden, der zwei Blogging-Sites aus dem Englischen (oder Deutschen) in Thai übersetzt. Ich dachte, Du kennst vielleicht jemanden, der Lust auf so eine Tätigkeit hat. Man braucht keine Programmier-Kenntnisse und das Vokabular ist relativ einfach.

    Ich schätze, dass die Übersetzung einschl. Korrekturen jeweils ca. 15 Stunden in Anspruch nimmt.

    Ach ja: und wir zahlen 100,00 GBP pro Projekt.

    Kennst Du jemanden, der Lust hat sich dieses Geld zu verdienen? Wir suchen übrigens keine professionellen Übersetzer. In der Regel arbeiten wir mit Studenten oder einfach Leuten, die gerne Bloggen.

    Wäre wirklich super, wenn Du mir helfen könntest.
    Viele liebe Grüsse nach Thailand aus dem kalten London


  2. Lillian says:

    Ich werde mal schauen ob ich jemand finde ! Hast du eine email addresses?

  3. swissmiss says:

    hello lillian! I just found you through your post on my blog! What a small world, I have been treated at the Lindenhof (I was very happy with the treatment) but the Small Boy was born at the Sonnenhof (I was also happy there. Swiss medical care is very good, but it is expensive). I’m looking forward to reading through more of your archives.


  4. SiamJai says:

    Hallo, greetings from a fellow Chiang Mai-er! ^_^

    Nice site. Our forum administrator recommended your blog, that’s how I got here, and I agree with him: it’s really worth visiting! I just wish I knew about it earlier. Plenty of goodies to catch up with now! 🙂

    Looking forward to reading more of your interesting blogs…

    Take care,


  5. Aslaug says:

    Hi Lillian!!!!

    I finally found your web site…… I have tried before, but for some reason I couldn’t find it…..
    I hope everything is fine with you and your family! Sorry I haven’t written to you before…..It has been rather busy the last months. I have moved to Oslo, and startet my education. Hopefully I will write you soon!! I think a lot of everyone in Thailand, I’m just not that good at writing back….. But I will do my best to try!!:)

    God Bless!!


  6. stevesuphan says:

    This is a pretty funky site with some good pics. If yer fortunate enough you’ll be bumpimg into Siamjai up there in Chiang Mai. If you get around to it, post a blog or two for us i’m sure our readers too would like to see a few pics of the Chiang Mai Nite Bazaar Flood. Pity you didn’t manage to get any pics with some tourist half drowning with a backpack on top of his head.

    keep up the good work

  7. Lillian says:

    Aslaug.. thanx for leaving a message! Don’t worry about writing, just write a comment once in a while to chear me up 🙂

    SiamJai…glad u like it. Come again…

    Steve.. a pic like that would have been great.. or a tuk tuk. Unfortunatly I had to stay home with my family…. the life of a mum !!

  8. Richard says:

    Thank you for your visit and thoughtful comment …


  9. cecile says:

    hello, I chanced upon your blog and I like the description you made for yourself. A full time mom.. I am also a full time mom here in Thailand and enjoying every minute of it…. Have a nice day…

  10. Claus Wagner says:

    Hi Lillian,
    so viele Infos auf der Seite, hätten wir die mal früher gesehen, ich werde gleich einen Link auf meine Seite einbauen. Sehr schön.
    Deine Kommentare vom Tsunami sind bitter. Danke Dir!

  11. little says:

    exciting to find your blog! tell me, where about were you living in png? what were your parents doing? have you been back, or was your last glimpse at 16yrs?

  12. Richard says:

    Lillian … I saw the quote this morning but didn’t feel comfortable leaving a comment there … I just wanted to say how pleased I am that you found it meaningful enough to you to post it on your page … I don’t know if thank you is an appropriate response but that is all I know to say …


  13. Julien says:

    Hi Lillian,
    First, congratulation for you blog.
    I have juste come back from Chiang Mai today in France, and I lost adress and phone of new friend thai … could you help me to get it ?
    Thanks in advance for your response.
    Take care

  14. oakley says:

    Nice meeting you, Lillian! And thanks for stopping by my blog. 🙂 Understand the displaced feeling you have somtimes as I am too a foreigner in another land. Well, sometimes you just can’t get completely comfortable as an “American”. Haha!

    Next time I come home to BKK, we should meet, huh?

  15. Curtis says:

    I am just know starting my search for other 3rd culture kids and the resources that are on the www. I grew up in Brasil–lived there for 12 years then moved by to the USA. Thanks for a great starting page.


  16. axel says:

    Hello hello eh oui voici le ptit francais qui laisse un message sur ce blog tres sympa et qui me donne envie d en cree un …. lol ah la thailand quel beau pays je l ai decouvert il y a peu de temps et c est vrai l envie de s installer dans ce beau pays est tres presente … mais bon petit a petit on devient moins petit n est pas …. voila lilly merci encore pour ta bonne humeur et plus encore …lol juste au passage je suis assez fan de photo aussi et je t enverrai quelques cliches de dubai et du desert qui te fait apparament un peur. alle a bientot

  17. michele says:

    hi there~

    how do deal with visa’s living in thialnd. i would love to move there, can i? i have a us passport a husband and 2 kids! how are the american schools? are they expensive? is your husband thai? so many questions!

    i have been to thailand many times, i love chang mi, pai, ko chang…

    thanks a bunch!

  18. Lillian says:

    Hi Michele, best you go the Thai Embassy where you live and let them advise you !
    Hi Axel..let petite francais 🙂 I’d be happy to help you start a blog.
    Curtis… thanx for dropping by
    Oakley… its probably much easier to become american than thai. I’ve just got the wrong skin colour for that…

  19. helmut says:

    Hallo Sandra,
    ich kenne jemanden,der seit 30 Jahren in Chiang Mai lebt und sehr gut Thai spricht und schreibt und das vermutlich machen kann.Sofern noch Bedarf ist,bitte per email melden.Ich gebe es dann weiter.Gruesse aus Chiang Dao

  20. Hello,

    I wanted to send this to your private e-mail, but could not find an address on the page. I’m in town for a short while, researching on-line games, and thought that you might know of people (Thai or expat) who would be interested in chatting. More information is posted here:

    and here:

    If you have any suggestions, I would love to chat. If not — no worries — I fully understand!

  21. siew says:

    hey you!

    do you blog these days? how’s your hols so far? i’m in sunny san mateo, very hot here, same same like chiang mai.

    on wed. i go to vancouver to visit wendy and will be back in good ole chiang mai on 12 sep.

    i miss you, chuck! i miss being in asia. i keep telling myself, only 4 weeks to go and i’ll be back soon. dang, where will i be ever be happy!

    siew aka som tam mai sai pu! ; )

  22. dilsiri says:

    wow. thats so interesting.

  23. Lillian says:

    Dils.. don’t be so checky lol

  24. ChristinaG says:

    Hi there, I just ran across your blog. I spent a lot of my childhood in Thailand but I don’t think I was ever in Chiang Mai. I look forward to reading more of your thoughts!

  25. Joy says:

    You are so lucky, I lived in Thailand for 15 years I have never been to Chiang Mai. I hope to go there this year in Xmas. I’m taking my boyfriend to visit my family in Thailand – my nan. It’s his first time in Asia. I’m writing a blog as well. One in English, one in Thai. Two different stories: Life in England and Life in Thailand. I hope you have a good time there.

  26. Sabine says:

    Lilian, hallo,

    ich habe Dich ueber expat women gefunden. Ich lebe hier in Chiang Mai mit meiner Familie seit 9 Jahren. Es wuerde mich freuen, wenn wir uns mal treffen koennten.


  27. Nid says:

    hallo lilian,
    durch expat habe ich dich gefunden. ich bin eine thailaederin und habe 15 jahre lang in deutschland gelebt. mitlerweile sind wir wieder zurueckgezogen zu meine heimat stadt chiang mai. es ist sehr schoen das eine “farang frau” hier lebte und gluecklich, lustig ist das du hier laenger lebte als ich!!!( wir sind im jahr 2003 gekommen). ich muss mich bei dir bedanken, das du deine diary geschrieben hast, und eine art “voice of chiang mai ” bist. ich glaube du kennst sich hier bessten aus. und deine biograhpy ist sehr interessant. wenn ich dir etwas helfen koennte,schreibt einfach. uebrigens, mein deutsche eheman ist (ehemalige) jazz musiker, er ist in django reinhardt bessesen!, guess.

  28. Neha says:

    Hey Lillian,
    I was drawn to this blog when I saw that you’d grown up in PNG..I was born and brought up in Port Moresby and now its time to move to NYC, and I’m going to really miss this place. It defines me. Love your blog, shall recomend it to other TCKs I know.

  29. Linda says:

    Thanks again for dropping in on my blog. I’ve hardly travelled anywhere and this place is so interesting.

  30. Vanessa says:

    Hey Lillian,
    I dropped you a comment the other day. Not sure if you received. Pls let me know. Thank you!

  31. Just surfed in and will definately book mark the site for future reads. Cheers

    The Siamerican Wanderer @ Phuket / Bangkok

  32. dil says:

    now i know how we met! lol.

  33. One Falang! says:

    Nice blog. I wish I could see more information about other parts of Thailand… I didn’t find anything about Isaan? Maybe I should check more… 🙂

    I posted some information about Korat, a city in Isaan, here:

    Many thanks for sharing.


  34. chris says:

    …and the swiss guy you married was as irish and open as anyone else from the Isles 😉 ! Cool to read your blog, wishing you and the fam in and out of Tai God’s blessings and good health. Don’t forget , when you come to Europe for a visit, we still drive on the wrong side of the road….

  35. Peter says:

    an interesting blog, especially at the present time!

  36. Lynda says:

    Your new look is fabulous, congratulations! Interesting photo of you as a child in PGN.. my father and aunt grew up there too – my grandfather was in charge of bringing back all the Australian equipment after the end of the second world war. I believe those were the happiest days of my grandmother’s life. She often used to talk about it, how she drove a jeep and was generally free to live a rather adventurous life. Her return to Australia saw her back in ‘ladies who lunch’ society, which she never enjoyed.

  37. phil tatham says:

    Hello. I’m updating Monsoon Books’ Thailand blog/media list and wondered if you would like to receive free copies of our books (those set in Thailand) as and when they come off press. No obligation to review them and certainly no obligation to say nice things! If you’re interested, let me know.
    By the way, I also grew up in PNG … photos here:
    Thanks, Phil

  38. Lillian says:

    Free copies of books?? seriously?!! that would be GREAT Phil 🙂

  39. emily says:

    Hi Lillian!
    I just came across your blog! I’ve only spent a few minutes reading through it so far but I love it! I was wondering if I could e-mail you sometime with a few questions about living in Thailand? My friend Sara and I are planning a trip there (and a few neighboring countries) in 2012 to teach English and do HIV/std prevention seminars. Neither of us have been to Thailand and although we’re doing lots of book/online research it would be so wonderful to hear more about life there from someone who is actually there right now!

    thanks, emily 🙂

  40. Lillian says:

    Hi Emily just write me any questions you have ! I’d be happy to help.

  41. Sarah says:

    Hi Lillian,

    I just discovered your blog while searching for fellow expats, I’ve just moved to Thailand from the US, moved here to teach English for a bit. So interesting that you grew up in PNG – my parents lived there for 8 years and a few of my siblings were born there in the early 80’s. Look forward to reading through your Thai adventures.


  42. Dr. Charly Biehl says:

    Hallo Lillian,
    ich bin durch Zufall auf deinen Blog gestossen. Sehr gut gemacht. Ich lebe schon ueber 15 Jahre im Bezirk Khon Kaen in einem kleinen Dorf.
    Ich treffe mich jeden Freitag im Kosa-Beer Garden in Khon Kaen mit anderen Expats. Da sind Schweitzer, Deutsche, Oesterreicher und ab und an auch Hollaender dabei. Wuerde gern mehr erfahren.
    Gruesse in den Norden Dr. Charly

  43. Mathew Schneider says:

    Hi Lillian,

    We’re thinking about traveling to Chiang Mai in early to mid April and have been reading about the smog that time of year. It seems like it was pretty bad in 2007 but how has it been in recent years / recently?

    Thanks so much, we’re excited to vist Thailand and just trying to figure out if we should visit Chiang Mai.

    All the best,

    • Lillian says:

      HI Mathew
      It gets worse every year. Chiang Mai is surrounded by mountains and so smoke can’t really go anywhere. I would truely NOT recommend this city in April. I am aware that as a one time visitor you might not get quite as annoyed as us who live here 🙂
      good luck!

  44. Tara says:

    Happy travelling!

  45. Sarawan says:

    Hi Lillian, love your description of yourself! I’d love to talk to you some more about maybe getting your input and sharing your voice on a site I’ve recently, called The Parent Vine Thailand. The site’s goal is to connect expat and Thai parents across the country, sharing experiences, perspectives and practical advice. Your blog is already included in our Links section. If you’re interested, please contact me by email. In the meantime, I look forward to checking back on this site frequently.


  46. Thx for a great blog about Chiang Mai. Im living here aswell, and I have made a danish blog about the city, see more here

    Very nice info u have about the city here in english.


  47. lielie says:

    Hi Kristian. Welcome to Chiang Mai 🙂

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