From Chiang Mai to Switzerland

Come and read about my new life in Switzerland!

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Goodbye Chiang Mai

For the food, the kind people, the pets were were able to have for a couple of years, my friends from Thailand and all over the world. Thankyou for the sun, and then the rain, the storms, the flowers, etc. I will miss you. I will not miss the smog, or the way everything gets moldy, the flood waters or the snakes in our garden !

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last day at school

Today was another goodbye.At school. After so many years of being the one ‘left behing’ it is nice to be the one leaving. Sad though. Very sad. I would like to see my childrens friends  graduate, go to their wedding and see them as parents. Call me sentimental… it makes me so sad. Also seeing how hard it is for my children. The distance is huge.

BUT i must say, we have loved many and have experianced alot if love in return, Like tonight some new friends invited us to their home for bengali food. Thankyou!!

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moving continents

My friends are getting tired of hearing me talk about moving. But believe me, moving a family of 5 across continents is a huge endeavor ! We are trying.. I say T R Y I N G to move as little as possible. So many things have sentimental value.. so we go through things, and go through them again.

When I was 16 I moved continents, my parents did the packing while I was still in boarding school.  I miss things I had growing up.. a parent never knows what is precious to the children. I let my kids pick what they want to take or leave. Sometimes, the scrap paper I want to trash has more worth then say, toy cars.

One advantage of not leaving in a rush is that we have time to do this. One disadvantage of not leaving in a rush is that we have time. We have been leaving for over a year……ARRRRRRRGHHHHH

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Trees in Bloom in Chiang Mai

At the moment Chiang Mai looks beautiful with so many trees, bushes and shrubs blooming. They must love the heat 🙂

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