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A sad day

I got an sms this morning thats said my friend Lilian W died. She suffered a long time and is now in a place where I believe she is free of pain and loneliness. May God open his arms and … Continue reading

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Rain and Dengue Fever in Chiang Mai

Dengue Fever is on the rise and a real threat again this year. With all the water than can’t drain some ideal mosquitoes breeding places are created. You get Dengue Fever by getting  biten by an infected mosquitoe. There are … Continue reading

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German Grammer Rules

I never thought I’d have to re- learn so much. Helping my daughter study for her tests is a challenge, especially German. I don’t even know the rules anymore which means to test her, I have to refresh my memory. … Continue reading

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What kind of food are you?

I took the quiz and it said: You Are Mexican Food Spicy yet dependable. You pull punches, but people still love you. Hmmmm what kind of food are you? Be a dear and take the quiz for me and tell … Continue reading

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Music was my first love

Yesterday my friend was able to leave hospital. The operation and everything went well. I went to their house for a quick visit and as I sat down I said.. wow its so quiet here. At our house, there is … Continue reading

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