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Food Quiz

Guess where I ate this food? lol Six times this meal in six weeks… unbelievable. No, not because it was THAT good.. just the only thing around to eat 🙂

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Ants and Bugs in my kitchen

Where is pest control when you need them? I want to sleep, relax, drink coffee and talk NOT clean my house. I’m TIRED and its HOT here, the coffee doesn’t taste good and the toast bread is disgusting. Our water-pump … Continue reading

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Just please let me sleep

We arrived after traveling for 28 hours. Thats from one doorstep to our doorstep at home, here in Chiang Mai. What a loooong trip. How many times did I wonder why on earth am I doing this? At the airport … Continue reading

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Safety for flights to the US…

(Lets see tomrorrow if there are any precautions for other flights.) I found this on the Zürich Airport homepage… PASSENGERS MAY NOT HAVE LIQUIDS OR GELS OF ANY SIZE AT THE SCREENING CHECKPOINT OR IN THE CABIN OF THE AIRCRAFT.Including: beverages, … Continue reading

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Packing up, cleaning and travelling

Thats what we will be doing the next few days. The news on BBC isn’t very encouraging, actually its very very worrying. Oh well, we will enjoy our last days in this beautiful country 🙂

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