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European Flowers in Chiang Mai..

These are flowers I haven’t seen for a long long time…. Sigh.. so pretty…  

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Spain at Royal Flora Chiang Mai…

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Holland at the Royal Flora Expo…

The first garden we visited is Holland. And I saw tulips .. tulips in Chiang Mai.. wow… And this lovely bench. Very very european.

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Royal Flora.. more coming soon

What a beautiful expo. I totally enjoyed it and haven’t been so relaxed in a long time !  Who would have thought I’d enjoy it so much… I expected it to be boring… but it wasn’t. Not at all. I … Continue reading

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Rolf Schmid… Swiss Humor

Füer mini schwyzer läser hani hüt au mal öppis 🙂 dank mim chli bruetsch…  ‘Ig mag eifach nid‘( a post for my swiss readers… sorry all english speakers I can’t translate this)

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