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Zidane in Chiang Mai..

A friend showed me a picture of himself and Zidane last Thursday…. I responded appropriately with lots of uuu’s and ahhhhh’s. Then on Sunday another friend invited me to go with her to the 700 year stadium, eat a picnic … Continue reading

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Strawberries !

Since christmas its been strawberry season. Up near on the canelroad towards Mai Rim you can buy them… like on the picture. I’m not too crazy about them, but my kids LOVE them with whipped cream or ice cream.

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Kids quote

The other night while putting my Son6 to bed he said :”Mummy, I just HATE going to bed”.  Me: ”What do you hate most about going to bed”  Son6 :” I have to stop talking. ”  🙂

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Today I met a nice person..

… I went for a coffee with a lady, who I met last year for the first time. She lives in Germany and is only in Thailand for a short vacation with her family. Our husbands have spent more time … Continue reading

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Hot season has arrived

Yes, unfortunately the last cool nights are limited. The wind has changed and its a warm wind. Last night my Son10 who is still on antiobiotics thought he had a fever, but after measuring it we saw that he was … Continue reading

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