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I watched a couple…

They sat close knees barely touching first date? just friends? lovers? He talked alot and she listened intently to everything he said. when she said something, his eyes never left her face. Once in a while they laughed, touched the … Continue reading

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School break

Kids are out of school, cranky and bored. B O R E D. After taking away the whole  the whole structure that school brings, children need some time to adjust. So, I have to just rough it out till we … Continue reading

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Last day of school

Today we had our end of year celebration at school. ‘Schulabschlussfeier an der CDSC‘. Most teachers will be staying for the next school year which makes days like this alot less stressful, because there aren’t alot of farewells !! Today … Continue reading

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Blog review

I’ll be brave and let Adam from Ok-Lah do a blog review….here goes !!

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Chiang Mai fastfood

One of my kids took this photo while we were driving past. Yes, Burger King  Open Now @ Night Bazaar. We went there the other weekend. First and last time. I just don’t like fast food. Must be my age … Continue reading

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