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Open Air Bern

10000 swiss people on one hill. I tell you, it was surreal but wonderful up in the Gurten !! I wish I wish I wish I had bought a 3 day pass. Live loud music, 10000 people, my friends,  happy … Continue reading

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Regen Stimmung

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Bern Switzerland

 Just some more pictures of  where we were yesterday…

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How we use our time…

Over and over I hear that people don’t have time. I sort of understand but surely to have time or not to have time is a matter of choice? I remember a book I have called ”Simplify your life” by … Continue reading

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Bärn bärn bärn ig ha di gärn

Bern, Switzerland is clean, public transport accessible almost everywhere. Not cheap for tourists but accessible. Heilig Geist Kirche Bern und Tramhalt Bahnhof Aarberger Gasse.. just look at the houses! I think I’m looking at this city through the eyes of … Continue reading

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