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More Dengue Fever in Chiang Mai

Yes, the hospitals are full to overflowing with patients. Mainly dengue fever and H1N1. Makes diagnose quite easy doesn’t it?! It rains so much most of the fields around our house are flooded. Not massive flooding like but still, ankle … Continue reading

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Dengue Fever

This year so many people have Dengue Fever. I read somewhere that 80% more have fallen ill compared to last year. Unfortunately my Son10 is one of those… Yes, we took all the precautions. Not out at dawn or dusk, … Continue reading

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The main construction has been done. Thankyou Philipp!! You’re the best !! As for the photos, and blogroll and some other details, I’ll keep working on getting it right. Hope you enjoy the new looks 🙂

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My family

I love my children fiercely. I have given up more than I thought I’d be able to and I though there are days when I wonder if it is/ was worth it there more days I am filled with awe … Continue reading

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