Airbus A380 to land in Chiang Mai

airbus1.jpgCheck out some facts about this new aircraft…
Compared to an existing jumbo jet, the A380 produces 30 percent less cabin noise and consumes 20 percent less fuel. The A380’s main deck is 20 inches wider than the Boeing 747 jumbo jet’s cabin, while the upper deck is 71 percent wider. The aircraft is 72.7 m long, 2 m longer than the B747-400. But its wingspan is much wider than the B747-400, at 79.8 m compared to 64.5 m.

The superjumbo will visit Bangkok on Aug 31 and Chiang Mai on Sept 2. It will then fly to Hanoi on Sept 2-3, Hong Kong on Sept 3-5 and Seoul on Sept 5-7. For more info check here: cargonews
(Some local newspapers and blogs say it will be arriving the 1st.. but this webpage seems the most reliable… )

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