Bad Colds, Pills and Tea

Today will be a long day. All, yes Daughter12, Son11 and Son7 are home cup-a.jpgwith rhinitis and pharyngitis, all with temperatures, all on antibiotics now. I will be a nurse today, bring tea, pills, hugs, smiles, blankets,hugs, and more tea. As for me, I’ll be taking my multivitamins and hoping I don’t get sick as well…btw. I went to a different pediatrician yesterday ! She is Dr.Savitri Bhatiapills.jpg and has a clinic on Kotchasarn Road with her husband who is also a doctor. She speaks English really well and isn’t afraid of my questions ! Just so refreshing to be able to ask and not to be put down as the ‘stupid farang who wants to know everything’. Unfortunately the clinic is more expensive than the Doctor at Rajavej hospital I’ve been taking the kids to, so I might only go there when I feel they aren’t getting the care the should be getting elsewhere. We’ll see. Now, I’d better go and make some tea….

(thankyou Ernest von Rosen, for the free pictures)





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