Paying Bills end of the month in Chiang Mai

Unlike in Switzerland where most people pay their bills on-line these days, here in Chiang Mai we still pay most of the bills the ‘old fashion’ way. You go to the bank or office and pay cash. To make things more complicated we can’t pay our house rent at lets say Kasikonthai Bank because the owner has her bank account at Bangkok Bank. That means we have to pay at Bangkok Bank. For the office rent, we have to go to another bank. (get the idea?) The water bill gets delivered to the house and if we are home, we can pay directly to the government employee on the motorbike and save ourselves a long drive to the ‘water office’ on the other side of town. Electrical bills can get paid at 7/11 or at the Electrical Company near the Nong Hoi Market. School bills aren’t something we pay monthly but again, we have to pay cash…Many people have their secretaries or their maid pay the bills. Which brings me to another topic.. maids. It really helps to have one especially when you are new in town !! More in another post.. maybe. Paying bills isn’t a straight forward thing here in Chiang Mai, but you learn and get used to it. I do envy people who can do it all on-line like theddy

ps.. transplantingme You will definately want your husband to pay the bills haha 🙂

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