Sunday, Ratchapruek and Burning.

My day started with grocery shopping,and then I took my parents and 2 of my children to Ratchapruek. I just love going there. It was fun to show my parents were we like taking the kids to skateboard. ( shhh I think it might not be permitted to skateboard there but I don’t want to know…)

Its almost 2008 and I haven’t taken time to look back on this year. I’ll be glad its over. It wasn’t an easy one and I really really hope the next is better. Talking about bad.. the smoke. People are burning .. AGAIN. On Friday I came home from somewhere near Doi Saket and we drove through what we first thought was thick fog. Cool how exciting.. FOG. But wait.. no thats not fog its SMOKE. Thick disgusting horrible smoke !! History truly teaches nothing. Last night I woke at 3.30am to an intense, horrible disgusting smell of burning plastic. (need I say I had a hard time falling asleep again) Maybe the time to leave Chiang Mai is coming closer. Its almost irresponsible to raise children in this smog ! A friend of mine has sworn she is going to take her kids out of school and go to the beach when the smog gets bad again. That will be about end of February. Maybe we’ll have to do that too… At least for a few days….( Chiang Mai is becoming the Stinking Rose of the North yet again!)

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