The year 2007 in review

I got this great idea from swissmiss. To get your blog year in review, take the first sentence from the first post of each month which is what I did ”et voila” the result!

We brought this new year in with some friends, sitting around a camp fire trying to keep warm, drinking ‘Glühwein’ and lots of kids running around.
I’m annoyed. My Son10 has been sick ALOT, since the time we were at the resort. Yes we are back after spending 6 nights in Cha Am and 2 nights in Bangkok.In-front of Central Airport Plaza..Wow, yesterday we had the heavyest rain we have had in ages. Bubbles at the Porn Ping Tower, near the Night Bazaar is a great place to go dancing. We are back. Found and Lost.The first opera I ever listened too, was sung by Pavarotti. 8 Year Old Boy abducted and sold to Foreigners for sex in South Pattaya. But I can’t write.

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