I'm a Mum

I just got a mail from my sister in law. She wanted to write me a mail and got through a couple of lines. In the mean time it started hailing and then one of her kids fell down the stairs. I feel sorry for the mum ( and kids of-course) but I did have to laugh. It like there is some invisible connection from a mum to her children. I know this from my own family. When I sit down to read, or write at the computer there is always someone calling ”MUMMY”  I can ignore it for a while but I always loose track of my thoughts.  Ignoring it takes so much energy that I have to go and see what the problem is. Often its nothing serious. Like my youngest who is upstairs and wants me to bring him a glass of water  lol thanks a lot.
So that is why mums start letters and never finish them, that is why we burn our dinner, why we leave the water running in the kitchen, why we are always having a side conversation while we are on the phone etc etc. We aren’t loosing our mind, or psycho. We just have an incredible connection to this little person who calls us ”MUMMY.

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