Blame the weather.. Swiss and Thais both do it.

When it comes to blaming the weather for being sick, I think the  Swiss and Thai culture have a lot in common. First, we love talking about the weather and secondly, its always the weathers fault when anyone gets sick.
 In Switzerland people get a cold because of the drafts. Drafts kill! NEVER have a draft, even on the hottest days, you could get sick. You also get headaches or other aches because of the different winds called the ”Föhn” which is a warm, south wind. And there is the ”Biese” which is a cold, north wind. These winds cause incredible air-pressure which makes people suffer.
In Thailand, people get sick in the hot season, cos its so hot, in rainy season there is an increase of mosquitoes, malaria and dengue fever. In cold season everyone suffers from the cold and that is why people get sick.
I’m not saying these are all myths. Its just an observation.  The weather makes us sick 🙂

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