On the first of August, 1291 local leaders saw a chance to gain independence from the powerful dynasty of the Germanic Habsburg Family. William Tell is a much loved story of a man who fought for the freedom of Helvetica.
Over the next centuries the Swiss increased their territory and gained independence from The Holy Roman Emperor in 1499. For more history read here.
Switzerland is so very proud of their neutrality that out of fear it could be compromised, they have declined to become a member of the United Nations or NATO

Anyway, on the 1st of August, you’ll see flags everywhere. People meet up with friends and family to celebrate. In the evening people eat BBQ, Raclette or now a days even Cheese Fondue which traditionally only gets eaten on cold winter days…After it gets dark the fun begins with fireworks. Every village has its own firework and most families buy their own as well. The air in Bern is usually really really bad in the night of the first of August. Its actually amazing that Switzerland lets the air get so polluted as the air is usually so clean.
Are you swiss? Would you tell me how you celebrated ”erster August”? Yes, I would like to visit my friends and drink some good wine and stay up all night and chat. I LOVE long warm, summer nights.
Bist du Schweizer? Erzähl doch mal wie du den ersten August feierst ? Ja, ich würde gerne meine Freunde besuchen, guten Wein trinken und die ganze Nacht aufbleiben und quatschen ! Ich LIEBE die langen, warmen sommer Nächte !

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