How to survive hot season

 I’m so hot.. and wondering  if there is something else  I could do to cool down. I don’t have air-con in all room so my house isn’t air-coned. Its hard to stay cool! Here some things I have to remind myself to do !

1. Drink plenty of fluids. Take your water bottle with you everywhere you go. Drink before you sleep at night. Especially if you don’t have air-con in your room.

2. Avoid the sun.

3. Do any outside work early in the morning or late evening.

4. Keep the air flowing in your house. Use a fan to keep air moving even with the air-con on.

5. If you’re lucky to work in an office.. work long hours. Probably the coolest place you can be lol

6. Shower. Shower in the morning when you get up, after lunch, shower late afternoon and before you go to bed. Believe me, it helps !!

7. Go to a mall. The air-conditioning there is great.

8. Go swimming or have water fights with kids. It helps keep cool !!

9. Eat ice-cream or cold foods might help but I’d only put on weight and that would NOT be fun !

10. (I have to  have 10) Hot season doesn’t last forever. It will cool down soon. ( I hope )

11…. Thank God that I don’t live in a poor village without water!!!!

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