No doctor- patient confidentiality

Is there such a thing as Doctor- Patient confidentiality in Thailand? Apprently NOT.. anyone can call the doctor and he will be given the same (if not more information) about the patients condition as the parents. Sucks. I am SOOOO ANGRY. I feel humiliated by the person who phoned.. couldn’t he trust me enough? I feel let down by the doctor for not calling me first before passing on information !!! ARRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGG

Update… 27.May.2008 I talked to the doctor and cleared what exactly was said. Facts have been turned and misunderstandings. I don’t want to write more about it but the Doc was quite shocked how this person also added things. It was good to get it off my chest and he confirmed that he does NOT give out information about patients. I feel so much better! Its so hard to talk about things like this but now I am so glad I did. As for the person who called.. I rest my case. Its one of those situations where I come out being the stupid mum. I have to learn to know and set my boundries better!

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