Open Air Bern

10000 swiss people on one hill. I tell you, it was surreal but wonderful up in the Gurten !! I wish I wish I wish I had bought a 3 day pass. Live loud music, 10000 people, my friends,  happy people, smiling faces, how could I, an extrovert not be happy 🙂 In the year 2010 I’ll be there for 3 days in a row :-)   For more detailed information like which band played on which stage and when check out this webpage. I guess the most surreal concert was ‘Züri West” and x1000 people singing along in Bärn Dütsch (Bern Swiss German). Talk about mono cultural !! Not an Asian in sight ! Weird But also nice to be one of the crowd, not stand out and to act as weird as I want and not be the ‘farang’. (  I didn’t act weird OFCOURSE  haha HONEST )

(For all my readers who are more interested in Thailand I will be going back in couple of weeks. I did notice the number of readers have dropped drastically.. sorry to bore you but this is also part of my life .. just not in Thailand right now. )

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