I'm back

Ok. I’m back. Yesterday I called some friends.  We laughed and I heard ” its nice you are back”.  Nice. I’m a lucky girl. We went swimming yesterday.  It was WARM and beautiful. We ate lunch at the pool (prices seems so cheap compared to Bern so we’ll just enjoy it till we are back to local prices and find that the food at the restaurant is expensive) The kids started well at school. Most teachers seem ok. The usual bumpy start. After 9 years we’ve just been through a lot of new school beginnings. This year 15/17 teachers are new. Now that doesn’t really speak for the school does it? Oh well, its nice  that my kids really really like some of the new ones ! AND we finally have a Monday-Friday school rhythm. I hated the Mon-Sat, Mon-Thurs 10 day school rhythm. We can finally get some more normal routine into our lives.

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