Sunday News flash Thailand

  • Phuket Airport is still closed.
  • In Krabi, the provincial airport remained closed for the second day, with six inbound flights, two of them international, cancelled. Tourists who have booked outbound flights have been told they can get refunds.
  • In Krabi the airport remains closed. Fights have been cancelled. Tourist can get refunds ( much good that will do them )
  • The Guardian  writes that 1000 of Brits are stranded in Phuket.  Tourist Authority asked hoteliers to give tourist discount or free accommodation. Many try to get to Bangkok with taxi or minivans but there have also been many road blocks…
  • Hat Yai is Airport is open again.
  • Trains to stop nationwide as unionists join protest. The railway has already lost millions of Baht…
  • About 2,000 protesters then besieged the city’s police headquarters, prompting the police to fire what appeared to be tear gas to disperse them.
  • In Bangkok protests continue. The emcee pleaded for donations of lingerie for protesters who did not prepare for an overnight demonstration. ”We need at least 100 pairs of underpants. Please give us large-size pieces if possible because most who need them are elderly women,” the emcee said. The underwear issue has become a pressing problem for PAD protesters, partly because of heavy rains at Government House. ( sorry I couldn’t resist copying that it from Bangkok Post. Under General News) hahahahaha

What a mess. Seriously !! Can you imagine this in Switzerland? The police headquarters being besieged? The house of Government. I can’t even imagine it !!

for more read BBC..or ofcourse Bangkok Pundit for more information whats going on politically.

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