TCKs not wanting to be diffrent, yet…

At the book club yesterday we discussed the book ‘Third-Culture Kids.’ We are all mothers of ‘TCKs and two of us mums grew up in Asia. One lady asked, why do Global Nomads want to be the same as the other people? I think this is a big issue for mainly teenagers and because most kids return to their passport country when they are teenagers and young adults, it sort of stays with you, and it continues to be a ”big deal”.
Its not a BAD thing.. its just that sometimes you’d like to give a short answer, like everyone else. I don’t want to attract attention to myself. I want a nice neat answer. But alas, as a Global Nomad you don’t have those answers.
On the other hand, its great to be different. Its great to be able to say I’m Swiss and then if I realise that the other person doesn’t really like Europeans, I just say, well I was born and grew up in PNG…. and now I live in Thailand, like that makes me less swiss lol
I think all GN (global nomads) can relate to this, right? 🙂

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