Chiang Mai has rats ?? !!!!

We had an interesting Sunday. I decided to clean out my shelf with all my vases … there was (what I thought was gecko poop) EVERYWHERE
So as I was cleaning my daughter came in and told me that she saw 2 mice in the morning.. in the hamster cage.
Well…. we ended up doing some serious cleaning and cleaned out the WHOLE storage room, threw away 3 big black bags of rubbish. And.. we found 2 quite big rats (ok .. my husband says they weren’t big ) 5 baby ones and once mouse.
My blood-pressure was sky high, I’m sure… I was sooo stressed out !!!
An neighbour kindly brought us a cat.. but she didn’t help much. Probably not hungry enough to go mouse hunting. My husband ended up chasing 2 rats out of the house and we found the baby ones in the christmas box.. arrrghh so gross.
One reason they moved into our house was probably because of all the floods and secondly we had hamster food lying around.. so we were probably FEEDING them as well.

We are now the proud owners of a super tidy and clean storage room ! 🙂

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