… little boys get sick too…

My youngest son is at home today. He woke me up at 6 am and talked non stop. When I touched him I thought he was unusually hot. I measured his temperature and sure enough, he has 37, 8C and when I measured it about an hour later it was up to 38, 6 C. So, he gets to stay home from Kindergarten which he thought was cool. But having a fever is no fun and the excitement wore off quickly.
So, today is a stay home day and I’ve got a loooong day ahead of me. Gone are my plans of going to the gym, getting money to pay the school bus driver and long phone calls. My son is quite needy when he’s sick. Isn’t that typical for men??

Friday,2nd September.
He is doing much better. The fever is down. It went up really high in the evening and I was worried but it gradually went down. Today  he is just grumpy but no fever 🙂

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