Red shirts in Chiang Mai, Yellow in Bangkok

I just visited FrogBlog at Thaidings. Wow.. great post !! Makes me feel ashamed of my lack of knowledge about what is going on in ‘my own’ town. a good excuse I have the flu. Go over and read his blog and find out what has been happening here. As always, for all you newbies, click on the link.

I just read this on The Associated Press... Go over to the site and read the rest!

BANGKOK, Thailand (AP) — Police built a massive cordon around anti-government protesters occupying Thailand’s main airport Saturday, raising fears of an imminent confrontation in a standoff that has disrupted the country’s economy and the travel industry worldwide.
About 2,000 policemen were deployed around Suvarnabhumi international airport, where protesters calling themselves the People’s Alliance for Democracy have camped out since late Tuesday, forcing the halt of all flights.
With no sign of the standoff easing, the airport authority said Suvarnabhumi will remain closed at least until Monday evening.
The protesters also have occupied Bangkok’s domestic airport and the prime minister’s office compound, virtually paralyzing the government in their campaign to force its resignation.
The confrontation, severing the capital from civilian air traffic, has taken a heavy toll on Thailand’s economy and reputation. According to Thai media reports some 100,000 tourists are stranded, and schedules of airlines around the world have been disrupted.
So far security forces have only issued a warning to the protesters to leave and refrained from using force. The protesters say they will not leave until the government of Prime Minister Somchai Wongsawat resigns.
But it appears the government’s patience is wearing thin. The police will issue another warning to protesters to leave the two airports. The language in the warning will be stronger than the first one,” said a police spokesman, Maj. Gen. Amnuay Nimmano.
He said if the protesters do not leave, a deadline will be issued “in the third warning — the last one before we take action.”

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