Little adventure with our truck…

My husband and I went furniture shopping, or should I say furniture hunting yesterday.  We decided to go to Global Home which had suffered terrible damages after a fire a few weeks ago.

pillar_of_smoke.jpg  I had seen a big ”clearance” sign and hoped to find something. Alas, the only thing for sale are tiles.. tonnes and tonnes of tiles 🙂 As we were trying to leave the truck wouldn’t start. Seems the starter is broken. It didn’t take long before some men offered to help. They got a rope, pulled the truck backwards without really communicating what they were doing. truck.jpgWe wanted to push start the truck but the 3 ‘helpers’ all wanted one small, fully loaded (with tiles) pick up truck to pull our truck.. which they did but the rope didn’t hold.  The 3 men discussed what to do without involving my husband and one man was told to get in the truck. He didn’t. So I got in, the 4 guys pushed, I put the truck in 2nd gear, ignition on, foot on clutch and after 2 meters of rolling, off the clutch and .. the engine started. Yes, I felt very proud that me, a white, blond woman knew how to drive .. haha.. the look on their faces was worth it all. They were impressed! haha

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