Dengue Fever warning

I read this on Thai Visa this morning…War on mosquitoes sounds like a good idea. There are 100s of mosquitoes around our house at the moment. So far we have been lucky, noone in our family has had dengue fever!

BANGKOK: — The Public Health Ministry has set up a national war room to control the spread of dengue fever across the country after learning the situation will be far worse than last year.
So far, 1,675 people have fallen victim to the fever this year, said the Minister, Witthaya Kaewparadai.
The ministry’s deputy permanent secretary, Dr Paijit Warachit will chair the war room – teaming up with agencies including the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration’s Health Department, the World Health Organisation, and a joint activity of the Ministry of Public Health of Thailand and the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention, to monitor the spread of disease within Thailand and neighbouring countries.

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