Smog in Chiang Mai

Horrible horrible horrible. If you are thinking of coming to CM now you might want to read this article first..

IPS News

According to the pollution control department, the level of dust
particles in the air is more than twice the normal average in places
like Chiang Mai. The level of dust particles smaller than 10 microns
(suspended particulate matter) had reached 284 micrograms per cubic metre,
as against the accepted standard of 120 micrograms per cubic metre,
reports ‘The Nation,’ a local English-language daily.

Wednesday’s decision by the military-appointed government of Prime
Minister Surayud Chulanont to give Chiang Rai special powers to douse
the spreading fires comes amidst a troubling forecast. Officials warn
that the hazardous smoke could lead to all 17 northern provinces in this
South-east Asian nation being declared environmental emergency zones.

The smog that has blanketed the five northern provinces is a regular
feature at this time of the year, during the country’s dry season, which
spreads from February through March. Hardly new, too, are the places
where the smoke rises from, such as agricultural lands that are set on
fire as part of the region’s slash-and-burn culture and forest fires.

‘’Fires are normal in that area at this time of the year,” says Anond
Snidvongs, a professor in the science faculty at Bangkok’s Chulalongkorn
University. ‘’There are hills where I saw land used for agriculture and
leaves in forests burning.

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