Cultural difference

I want to write a post but I’m worried about offending Thai people. Just to make it clear I’m not saying my way is the right way, I just have to learn how to do things another way, which are right as well, and different ! Things like when to be punctual and when is it OK to be late! Also I don’t always find it easy to keep my opinion to myself. When I do give my opinion, I often find its not welcome. Is it because of how I say something? or maybe the timing is wrong? Or how about saying you will be joining a party and then you don’t even bother to cancel and just don’t show up? To me that’s plain rude! I’m sure Thais think its rude to.. so that would make that person rude, which ever culture he/shes in, right? Or clothes! When is it ok to wear spaghetti straps and when is it considered ‘slutty’. Sometimes I just don’t care, but when I’m with friends, I want to be liked and the only way that happens is by adjusting. To adjust you have to understand the dynamics and the culture…. and so i keep thinking 🙂

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