Me a movie Star in Chiang Mai?

Quite unlikely but I auditioned for a movie today. Had no idea what to do, already told the ”lady in charge” ( what is she? secretary? agent? no idea) that I’m not an actor. She said never mind just come. So, I learnt the few lines on the spot, did it with camera on… three runs then photo time. In my mind I’m thinking
”I’m pretty I’m pretty I’m pretty” hope it shines through on the pics. Wonder if I’ll get the part. Do I even want the part? haha Oh the joy of trying out new things 🙂
Did I mention that I took Asprin and some Sinupret before I left? No sign of flu, thanks to medication 🙂 I really need to rest this afternoon.. my head was killing me and my nose is totally blocked. I’m doing something very untypical for me.. taking pills. Very un-swiss. But hey I’m becoming more
Asian every day.

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